Grappling with WordPress

Four days has passed since I moved to WordPress.  Even this has a long history for me.  First of all, I had to rent an Internet server.  I googled and found there were many rental servers.  I read several blogposts and decided to use Cohona.  On the very day, I tried to apply, but it didn’t work properly due to unexpected error.

Well, what on the earth “unexpected error”!!  I, a real beginner, had no idea how to deal with it.  But it was around New Year, and the company was on New Year break and I had to wait by the time it opens again.  I did not want to wait that long because I was afraid that my passion towards the blog might disappear meanwhile.  That was why I started my blog on Blogger at first.

It was already on January 7th when I made a contract with Conoha, and school had already started.  Though I had kept posting on Blogger, I did not have enough time and energy to work for the new system.  Finally, last Sunday, I made it!

Thigs does not go smoothly however.  WordPress was much more complicated than I expected.  It is very free and we can do whatever we want, but due to the freedom the beginner got into trouble.  I had some image of my ideal blog in my mind, but WordPress did not work as I desired.  Even now.

I think I got lost somehow but at least I know how to post.  The style of this blog should change quite often for a while since I am on the process of try and error.  I hope someday I can see this detour as good experience. 


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