Daily Updates: How Long I can Make Time for this Blog


It is well-known Japanese proverb.  Like this, it is very interesting to google how to express some unique Japanese concepts in English.  I checked Weblio, a very nice Japanese-English translation website and I found an article below.

According to the site, the proverb can be translated into several ways;

  • continuity is the father of success
  • practice makes perfect
  • perseverance will accomplish all things
  • little and often fills the purse

All of them are quite interesting and express different ways to the idea of the proverb.  I quoted it to convey why I decided to post here every day.  In this sense, “continuity is the father of success” and “little and often fills the purse” are the ones which show what I think.  I think I could be “unique” in the future if I keep posting something here every day.  I do not know any other Japanese teachers post something online in English.

Yes, I work as a teacher at a public school and I do not have plenty of time to write.  I think I have 30 minutes or so every day.  I am going to learn how to make better articles using images in the near future, but I do not think I can make it for a while.  Someday I wish I can find this post too simple and figure out how to improve it.  Hopefully, you can enjoy the improvement of this blog too.

So 30 minutes every day is “little and often”.  But we cannot underestimate.  It goes and will be built up.  I am so excited what will happen in the future through this blog.


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