School System in Japan


I work at a junior high school and at a final step of mandatory education.

Mandatory education is from elementary school to junior high school, in 6 years and in 3 years successively.  Though many students go to high school, it is not a part of mandatory education.  I wanted to work at an elementary school and passed the teacher recruitment exam in 2018.  Since I passed the one to be a collaborate teacher of elementary and junior high, I work at a junior high school now.  Today, I will write about the general framework of school system in Japan.

At elementary school, one homeroom teacher teaches almost all subjects; Japanese to music.  It can be said they are generalists.  They spend long time with pupils and often play with them in intermissions.  I think it is great to have much time with pupils to teach how to learn, how to get along with people, etc. I work at a junior high school.  One teacher teaches one subject here.  For example, I am an English teacher and teach English in 4 classes.  Teachers have homeroom too.  In the morning and at the end of school day, there are time for homeroom in order to tell agenda and distribute some handouts.  Extracurricular activities cannot forget mentioning.  Many students engage on sports or arts after all classes at school almost every day.  This is one of very unique system in Japan.


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