Writing CV

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I will keep try to make this blog interesting!

New chapter has started!

Change the Theme

It is National Foundation Day in Japan and I do not have to work.  I had some time and decided to work for this blog.  I have used the initial setting theme, Twenty Twenty-one.  It was really simple and I did not hate it.  I thought it was good using it because it must remind me of the year when I started this blog in the future.     

While I was struggling to make widget on the side of this blog, however, I found that it is not set to make it in the theme.  I wondered what I should do and tried to change some different theme.  Finally, I decided to use Cocoon.

I got Cocoon from my rental server and I have never tried using it.  I once have heard some bloggers use this theme because it is free and easy to use.  It was many widgets and even some characters and I decided to use it from now.  I am not sure if this theme is popular in the world too.  I personally hope that this theme is unique in Japan and it will be identity of my blog since I mainly write in English.


I also worked on fixed page.  I have been wanted to write my curriculum vitae but I need some time to learn how to write fixed pages.  As a daily routine, I kept posting here every day, I did not have enough time to upgrade it.  I wrote my CV for the first time in English.  It is quite simple but I felt I accomplished some work.  In addition, I enrolled Google Analytics and Console.


I don’t think I would experience these things if I did not start this blog.  I think experience is very precious, and only for this reason, I want to praise myself to decide to start a blog.  Next step is to whom or why I will write here.  I want to make this blog for readers to think worth visiting.  I will try make contents more interesting, and please come visit here once in a while to see if it is getting better.


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