Currently I work as an elementary school teacher and worked as Japanese teacher of English at a local public junior high school in Japan for three years.  I started this blog from 2021 to “output” what I learn and I am quire new as a “blogger”.  Mainly I will write in either English or Japanese.  My current interests are language education, workout, classical guitar.  So far, I will write here using this handle name, “Aki”.

Professional History

2018.4-2021.3 Working as a Japanese teacher of English at a public junior high school

2021.4- Working as a classroom and English teacher at a public elementary school

Educational History

  • 2012.3   Graduated from Japanese high school
  • 2013.12  Enrolled an English Language School in the US
  • 2014.3   Enrolled an Elementary Russian Winter Course in Russia
  • 2016.3   Graduated from a university in Japan (Education)
  • 2016.12  Enrolled a TESOL graduate-special course in the US
  • 2018.3   Graduated from a graduate school in Japan (MA: Education)

Skills and Certifications

  • Teaching License at Elementary Schools (Master Degree Level)
  • Teaching License of English at Junior High Schools (Master Degree Level)
  • Teaching License of English at High Schools (Master Degree Level)
  • Passed Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test
  • Google Certified Educator Level 2
  • EIKEN Grade 1, Eiken Foundation of Japan
  • TOEFL iBT 88, 2/20/2022
  • TOEIC 880, 2/28/2021
  • HSK Level 3, Center for Language Education and Cooperation
  • Evaluacion de Conocimient de la Lengua Espanola, Grade 6, Sociedad Hispanca del Japon (A1 Level in CEFR)
  • Russian Proficiency Test in Japan, Grade 3 (Above B1 Level in CEFR)
  • Financial Planner, 3 Grade

Purpose of this Blog

Every year, I make new year resolutions to do something.  In 2021, it was “output.”  I started posting here every day mainly in English.  It is because I was impressed some self-empowerment books, saying we should write something to make what we learn consolidated.  First month, it was mainly for myself and I just posted what I wanted to write, but now I am wondering maybe it is interesting for readers to post about Japanese school system or culture.  I am also planning to write about GIGA School Project and English education in Japanese.

Published Works

The Effectiveness of Giving Oral Corrective Feedback in L2 Pronunciation Development to Elementary School Pupils. (2018). JASTEC Journal No.37

I have my twitter account.  I tweet upgrade of this blog and some of my routines.  Please follow me if interested.

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