How My Life Changes after Starting Blogs

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Today, I tried to write other two things which I concern about new Course of Study; new three evaluation criteria and teaching interaction in English, but there was no English version for Foreign Language as a subject matter.  So, I would like to start with a brief review of my daily life before and after the blog. 

Keeping Output

50 days has passed since I started blogs, counting articles from the posts on the previous blog.  I keep posting articles every day so far.  First of all, I have more opportunities to “output” something.  It is the first and main reason why I started the blog and only for this reason, I can say I am doing good.  Since I open my articles in public, I do think about someone reading my blog all over the world.  It encourages me try to write better articles.  Also, I have more time to use English for writing in the language.

More Input

Also, now I spend more time reading materials about Japanese schools in English.  I learned that new Course of Study already has its English version (but only General Provisions unfortunately) and have read several articles about Japanese schools.  The one I read today was about English education and it views English education really skeptically.  I cannot say it is all “wrong”, but I felt complicated feeling as one who involved it.  I will write my impression of the article soon.  So interestingly for me, “output” makes me more time to “input” something. 

Hands-on Training about Websites

I did not know about anything how to open a blog before.  I thought it should be much easier.  Thinking back, it was not so difficult, but I was really struggled with many things.  I couldn’t rent a rental server and I decided to start with Blogger first.  Then, I did not know about menu in WordPress.  I started sharing my guitar practice too.  I can do more things now, but still there are more and more things I want to try on this blog.  


Sometimes I feel tired posting something, especially when I get so tired.  I work as a teacher of a junior high school, I “do” overwork like other teachers and people you can refer to in some articles. 

Still, I feel happy when I feel I’m learning something new.  At least, I think my English proficiency is getting higher in these 50 days.  I am going to take TOEIC test in two weeks.  I want to get more than 900 out of 990 because my best score so far is 895.  I am looking forward to sharing the result here.











それでも、何か新しいことを学んでいると感じたときは幸せです。少なくとも、この50日間で私の英語能力は向上していると思います。 2週間でTOEICテストを受ける予定です。これまでの最高スコアは895なので、990点中900点以上を獲得したいと思っています。ここで結果を共有するのを楽しみにしています。


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