Making a Inquiry Form

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Since more than 100 people visit my blog these days, I felt I should make inquiry form here. Hopefully someone leave comments using this form someday.



そこで、今回始めてお問合せフォームを作成してみました。使用したのは「Contact Form 7」です。下のブログの記事を参考にすると、本当に20分もかからずに設定できました



Inquiry Form

I have not had an inquiry form since I opened this blog. At first, I thought message feeds are more than enough to interact with readers and contact me. Unfortunately, I found it was too optimistic within three moth of working on this blog. Soon I got more than 100 spam mails a day and had to delete all of them. I thought it was a waste of time and I hide the comment sections. Actually, there are some remains on some previous posts, you are very lucky if you find one.

Now, I created an inquiry form driven by “Contact Form 7”. I am happy to get feedback from anyone worldwide in any languages. Feel free to contact me.

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