Hands-on Training

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This is the first post on this blog, using WordPress.  I’m Aki, currently working at a public Junior high school in Japan as a Japanese teacher of English. 

Every year, I make new years resolution and “output” is the goal of this year, 2021.  Thus, I’ve made up my mind writing a blog, but it have taken some time to set up this website.  It hasn’t been completed yet, but decided to posting here as hands-on training.  Today, I’ve done the setting; permalinks, themes, and menus.  I will add some plug-in soon.   

The main purpose of this blog is to “output” what I learned, and thus I will post in several languages; mainly in Japanese and English.  Current interest is self-empowerments, English education and ICT.  I also like playing the classical guitar and working out.  So, even though I am planning to write something here every day, each post may get random and does not seem to be focused on some topics.  Still, I would really appreciate if you read them and give some feedback when you are interested.

I’ve started a blog from the end of last year, and about 25 previous posts are on the link below.

地方の学校の先生。学んだことや考えたことをまとめていきます。 Japanese teacher of English at a Public school