Implementation of New Course of Study

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I woke up at 5am as usual.  Though I usually study what I want every morning but today I left home at 6am to prepare for lessons.  I went there much earlier than usual to make some teaching material to prepare for new Course of Study.  Now I am struggling with preparing for it and I will write about it shortly.

General Idea of “Course of Study”

In Japan, MEXT (the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) enacts “Course of Study” every ten year.  It shows fundamental rules to teach subjects at schools, and teachers are supposed to teach students based on it.  It is not “law” but it still has strong power.  Each subject has its own descriptions and subject teachers should know and catch up with it.

New Course of Study

New Course of Study will be implemented at junior high schools from this coming academic year, in April.  Since it changes a lot and we have to prepare it, though due to busy working days, it can’t be said that we are ready for it.  What I concern is mainly three things; new three evaluation criteria, teaching interaction, the gap between current Course of Study and new one.  I can talk bunch about each topic but today I will write about the last one, the “gap,” because I am very struggling of it right now.

Teaching Materials for Making up the Gap

Now I teach second graders of junior high school and they are going to become third graders this April.  It means they start using new textbooks based on the new Course of Study.  Actually, this is a big matter.  I managed to finish the current textbook for second graders last week and I got relieved a bit.  But still, there are some grammatic structures and vocabularies they should learn by April.  About grammatic structures, that is present perfect, causative construction, it ~ for …to, and some polite expressions.  Especially, present perfect is a big matter because it used to be/is a tough part for third graders.  I started teaching the structure from today using the textbook for current third graders.











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