TOEIC test

There are many tests to assess our English proficiency.  I have taken many of them, for example, EIKEN, TOFEL, TOEIC, etc.  Since I became an English teacher, I have not taken any English proficiency tests.  The eligibility of the score on TOEIC and TOEFL is two years and I only have EIKEN certification to show my English ability.  It was not so big deal for me, but I wondered it might be a good opportunity to take one. 

TOEIC is an English test to assess our English business communication skill.  It consists of 4 skills; reading, listening, speaking and writing, but TOEIC LR, which only has reading and listening section, is the most popular in Japan.  It was in 2017, last time I took the test just before I came back from the US.  My score was 895.  I personally wanted to get higher than 900 so I was a bit disappointed at that time, but I was not so obsessed and did not care about it that much.

In August of this year, I took a survey from prefectural BOE, Board of Education, and had to fill in own English certifications.  Then I have found that I cannot write my TOEIC score any more, and it made me a bit melancholy.  Well, yeah I should take one again, I made up my mind at that time.  I checked my schedule and decided to take it on February 28th.  Do you think it was too far away?  It was, but still I had plan to take several other exams then.  Plus, I might have to take students to matches other months. 

Now I study for the test every day, using STUDY SAPRI provided by Recruit.  I have written several impressions on my previous blog in Japanese, but so far it is good.  The level is a bit easy for me but I have never focused on “English skill” training, such as dictation and shadowing.  I feel I am learning new and my English listening skill is getting a bit better.  Even though I took nearly 900 on TOEIC, this is very first time to study ‘for’ the test.  I am excited how much score I will get.


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