Last day of work

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Last day of work

March 31st was the last day I worked at my first school. From April, I will be working at an elementary school. I feel that three years have passed quickly. I will look back on the last day.

Last club activities

I had club activities on the last day. I also went to the last practice game on the 30th. For three years, I was in charge of the club activities that I had no playing experience as a chief advisor. I had a lot of reflection and experience, thinking that I should have done more and that I should try something more. At the end of the practice, I also got a message card from students. I hope all the members will do their best in the new environment.


Three boys from my class came and brought me a bouquet. Some children have brought illustrations and letters to me as well. I feel really grateful for this. Sadly, I will not be able to meet them every day next academic year, but I’d be happy if I could meet at some point, such as a school event or a coming-of-age ceremony.


I created a hand-over material for the subject, grade, and school duties that I was in charge of, and handed it to the teachers staying at the school. When I handed it over, the feeling that I was finally leaving this school came to me with a sense of reality. Each content is summarized in about one A4 sheet according to the bullet points and the time axis.


I left school on the last day of work. The teachers who will remain in the school saw me off. By the way, March 31st was Wednesday. From April 1st, the next day, I started working at a new school. This is my first transfer. It’s tiring to have an environment that doesn’t get better than you think.
I will also write a review of the three years.














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