More Viewers on this Blog and Memories of Last Year

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I started writing here last year. I was in charge of 2nd graders homeroom teacher. It was the first year of using Chromebook at school for me and was quite challenging but interesting trying how to use in classes with students. I also had to learn so many new things to teach them.

From May, obviously more people come here to check my past articles of “our trials and practices” last year. I feel so excited knowing that my experience and our practice show some examples to someone who need them.

Since I do not professional writing articles here, some of them should be difficult to get the points and some might be even “not a good practice”. I appreciate if viewers read them as some cues on teaching practice.

When I check the statistics on this blog, I often find my posts last year viewed by someone. The trigger reminds me the days of the second graders.

I also need to thank all people who wrote varieties of books and articles in this I have quoted.

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