The Choice: Take the Challenge or Face Reality 

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A former student I used to mentor came to me for career advice. The perspective that emerged was “choice”, like scholarship challenges, study abroad, schools of choice. At every milestone in life, there is an opportunity to make a choice. I feel that in many cases, either choice is fine in the end, or in hindsight, both choices are meaningful. Still, I think people are generally stumped when they find themselves at a crossroads of “choice”.

 One perspective might be “challenge or act on reality”: the path that has a 30% chance of great success or the path that has a 70% chance of success (safety). I wonder if we tend to choose the one with the higher probability when our life is at stake. In fact, I think I was like that myself. While I don’t deny that in itself, I feel that there is great value in taking on a challenge. Somehow, the very sound of “challenge” itself seems to sparkle.

 How about myself? Am I only taking the safe path? Thinking about this, today I went to the gym and then went home, instead of going home and then going to the gym. Is this also a result of choice?