Taking TOEFL iBT

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I took TOEFL iBT on weekend. I do not exactly remember when I took it last time but most likely six years ago. My score at that time was 74? and my best score was 81 in eight years ago.

Test Center

It was test takers’ obligation to arrive the test center at least 30 minutes earlier to complete all registration process. I arrived there 50 minutes before but there had already been about 10 people waiting for the procedure.

I put my backpack in the locker, and show my ID (passport), and sign for the policies. In the test time, drinking and eating are prohibited and test takers should go to bathroom before entering the test room.


After got into the test room, each test takers started taking test. I cannot get used to the situation that other people are speaking for microphone adjustment while I read, but it often does.

In my case, I had four passages on the reading section. I cannot write what the passages were, but we have to answer all questions in a passage within 18 minutes, unless we cannot finish all passages. In my case, I took about 19-20 minutes to each one and I did not have enough time to check my answers again and I had to rush answering the last passage.

In the listening section, I had two sets of questions and five passages in total. I am not sure why there were three passages in the second set but possibly one of them are practice questions. Unlike the practice test I took last week, I was concentrate enough and I took notes more.

Break time is 10 minutes. I got out from the room and went to bathroom. I had some chocolate and drunk coffee and got into the room again. Since security check is required to re-enter the room, we should think about the time ahead.

In the speaking section, there are four types of questions. Again I cannot write the contents, but the third question, I did not get the point on the summarizing one from a passage and a lecture. As usual, I wish I could answer more fluently like I speak in Japanese. I took the writing section after the speaking.

I am not sure how it was in 6 years ago, but I can see the (estimated?) score on Reading and Listening after completing the test. It said I got 24 in Reading and 23 in Listening. Then I can chose whether I cancel to report the test or not. It was a tiring test and never get refund anyways. I wonder if there is someone who wants to cancel the test at that time..


On the way coming home, I think about the test. I suppose my score will be from 90-99. I hope it will be above 100 but possibly not. I need to brush up my input abilities, like I can explain why other options are wrong to each questions. When I got that level, I think, I can get more than 110 or something. I may take the test again in this year.

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