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Being in charge of HP

I became in charge of HP at my new school. The person in charge last year seemed to have been transferred and there was no handover. Even though I’m blogging, I’m worried because making an HP is a beginner.

Taking a look at the current HP

For the time being, I first looked at the homepage. I understand that Homepage builder is used on the site. Actually, the first thing I did when the new school was decided was checking its HP. In this way, I think that HP is like a “window” of school. First of all, I felt that it would be good if we could make it better while following the current web site.

Consulting the operation method of this year

After understanding the composition of the HP, I consulted with other teachers in charge (wel all of them are in school management positions) about the operation method. I told them that I would like to update it once a week. Apparently, the managers want to update frequently, and they seemed to be interested in updating in blog format. I would like to think about how to create a blog-style article in the face of many restrictions. The most ideal is to run a blog using a homepage builder, but can you really do it?

Preparing a page that can be updated daily

Uploading in blog format means preparing a page that can be updated on a daily basis. It seems that the homepage builder also has a tab called blog, but this seems to be mainly used when linking with other blogs.

Taking a look at the websites of all elementary schools in the city

I tried to find out how many schools in the city have HP updated on a daily basis.
Livedoor blogs, Facebook pages, and Blogspot (with multiple blogs) were used. Which one can be updated from my school … Personally, I regard it as easier to use Blogspot, which I have used before. I think it’s a good idea to contact and ask teachers of those schools. In addition, there were some sites that did their best to update using Homepage Builder like a blog. This seems to be difficult to turn pages, so I would like to avoid it if possible.


Like this blog, I write a blog every day, but the difficult thing is to think about “what to write”. This is also related to “who reads”, so it is necessary to write the content that the reader is interested in. I had one ambition when I heard that a managerial teacher wanted to post daily records in blog format. That is posting the content in English as well. Perhaps this is not done in most schools. If there is content that can be used well, it can be used as a local teaching material in class, and it may also be an opportunity to study English with your family at home.

















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