Monthly Reflection on January 2023

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It is surprisingly fast how January passed this year.  Checking my blog, I uploaded my blog only about half days last month.  Partly because I got busier but moreover, I feel more struggled finding topics especially when I think about what to write in English.  Furthermore, I need more time and focus on writing than writing in my first language. 

Also, apparently there has been not much difference in terms of viewers’ country though I write in English.  Most visitors to my blog are from Japan and they check several popular articles written in Japanese.  Still I will keep posting once in a while in English (daily if possible) for my record and practice. 


These days, I am trying to input more English and started reading aloud. I sometimes record my reading and sort of disappointed how accented my English is or not fluent it is, though gradually it is getting fluent.  A friend of mine advised me I should practice linking words more. 


At school, I am in charge of farewell party for graduating students, so called 六年生を送る会. Since we plan to have it face to face at the gym for the first time after COVID pandemic, I need to moderate many conditions.  It is a challenging task and fulfilling.  

Thinking about these kinds of events, I am easily overwhelmed and have forgotten about applying for several research grants or financial support for social activities. Most shocking one is the financial funding of supporting the classical guitar workshop which I worked as a volunteer due to the end of January. I try to recognize the fact as seeing it is time to focus on what I should do and spend time doing what I want to do.   

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