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I use my handle name, “Aki” here and I do not tell many of my friends writing this blog. Still, I do have some friends who read my blog occasionally and two of them (actually that a lot among them) said your posts are mainly in Japanese now. I totally agree and decided to write some in English as well.

School Life as a Teacher in Japan

I am an elementary school teacher this year. I am a homeroom teacher of second graders and also once in a while I teach English. Second graders are 7-8 years children and they are about 20 years younger to me. I sometimes wonder how they grow up and who they will be in the future.

As you can find many Japanese articles telling teachers in Japan works too long, I am not the exception. I usually go to school by seven thirty, which is about one hours earlier than designated working hour and leave there around seven. In that sense, working condition is not so easy and less stressed, but I mostly enjoy working as a teacher here. Most likely, I will be working at the same school in 2022 as well.


To seek for my specialties more, I started conveying educational research this year. I am collaborating with a professor whose academic interest is CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning). We are in process of on going project right now and are teaching one art class in English that the target English language is color and shape.

We want to present our project in 2022 and publish them either in Japanese or in English. I prefer to writing in English though it is harder to finish, because there will be more potential readers.

Motivation / Goals

Since I started this blog, I have more time thinking about my career. Sometimes friends and followers on Twitter ask me of my motivation or goals, because I do many “challenges” or “actions.” I do not set specific goals right now, but I do enjoy learning or creating something. Being better is my goal and motivation so far and I wish I could become better person than yesterday and better one tomorrow.

Essay Style Diary

Like I have written above, I am wondering it might be interesting to write “essay style diary” in English. “Aki” here, in Japanese, is a learning man and writing mostly his job or qualifications. (Plus classical guitar playing). It is a quite good way to output but in other sense, there is no personality. I would love to express me, as a person “Aki” here in English because I do not have to be too “professional” writing here as a non-native English learner.

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