Watching the Movie, Sonita

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I got participated with a movie-watching gathering, which topic is SDGs and Social Issues for the first time. I watched Sonita. I rarely watch documentary movies and it was moving.

Sonita (2015) ⭐ 7.6 | Documentary, Biography, Music
1h 30m | G

Different Contexts

The location of the movie is Iran and Afghanistan, and of course, their circumstances is pretty different from those of us, people living in Japan.

In that country (culture), parents decide their daughters’ marriage though they are in young age. Also, girls are not allowed to sing. There are many different restrictions to people.

Sonita, the heroine in this movie, fights with the unfair situations. She sings and becomes a rapper. She expresses her feeling by singing. It was really impressive that she even convey other girls silent crying by making a rap song.

Ideal and Reality

I found many examples on how Sonita make her desire real. She made her personal diary/album. She cut photos of singers in a concert and inserted her photo instead of the singer in the concert. This is one famous way to visualize one’s dream. She looked it again and again to make her dream more solid.

At first, there was a incredibly huge gap between her dream and the actual situation she was in. Gradually, destiny lead her to the way she wants as if she was lead by something. She overcame every difficulties one by one. I felt she is so strong and this movie made me recall an very famous Disney phrase; If you can dream it, you can do it.

Talking Session

There were five people including me in the gathering. We shared how we felt from the movie after watching it. We talked about the reality of the world, different background and different perspectives.

We shared a rough ideas that first we should know the world to act. Like in the movie, it is a reality that there are regions that girls are forced to get married by their parents. In terms of human rights, there is a room to consider.

Since it is a documentary, Sonita works in the US as a singer. In that sense, we can see that she had an opportunity to seek for what she wants.

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