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Google Analytics

I’ve heard that Google Analytics is a good tool to check visitors of the blog. I tried to set it up several times but it didn’t work properly and I gave it up. Since I have more page viewers in May, mostly from Japan, and I decided to try setting the analytics again.


To run Google Analytics, we have to put Global Site Tag in the html. I thought I copied and pasted it once, but I did it to a wrong place apparently. It had to put Theme Header. Now it worked!

It is really interesting to see how many people are visiting my blog. It shows more detailed information as well. I am not sure what I can find from here but just seeing the charts, it is pretty exciting. Seemingly I myself is also counted as the number so I should check its settings more.

*So far, I have to copy and paste Tracking ID every time I update the theme of this blog.


Googleアナリティクスとは?導入・設定・使い方を解説 – ワードプレステーマTCD
2020/12/24 情報を更新いたしました。2022/03/07 情報を更新いたしました。Webサイトのアクセス解析に欠かすことのできないGoogleアナリティクス。
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