Guitar Trial Class at a Community Center

brown acoustic guitar on floor near wall insider room Classical Guitar/クラシックギター
Photo by Gustavo Borges on

We held a hands-on guitar class at a community center. When I was practicing at the community center, I was requested to have the class and introduced the instructor to them. We were able to hold a total of five hands-on classes. The other day, the memorable first class was finally held. I participated as a volunteer staff member.

The instructor brought guitars from his home for the number of students who wanted to try playing guitar. I felt that I did not need much equipment to play the guitar, but it turned out to be quite a lot when I prepared the guitars, footstools, music stands, etc. for each participant. We arrived at the community center about an hour before the event to get ready, but after setting up the chairs and tuning the guitars, we were in a hurry until about 10 minutes before the event started.

Many guitar beginners participated in the trial session, and we worked together from the beginning on everything from correct posture and use of the footstool to how to produce sound. Gradually we practiced scales, and at the end we played a frog song ensemble.

The second session will be held in two weeks. I am looking forward to the next one.