Two Days Before the Transfer


It will have been two days since I am at my current school. Today, I made hand-over materials and hanged out with students coming for club activities.

Handover material

After reading 『スムーズに着任できる! 教師のための「異動」の技術』 and recognizing the importance of hand-over materials, I made hand-over materials for school duties, grade duties, subject teaching, and club activities that I was in charge of. did. When I summarized it in one A4 sheet, I felt that my work was well organized, and I felt that I should have done this earlier (around the end of each year). I hope that the person who works in place of me will be able to take up the post as smoothly as possible. I feel that it will be more polite if I do a little more work tomorrow and even prepare the materials for the staff meeting.

How to write this hand-over material

  • List the work to make handover materials by looking at documents on staff meetings
  • For each of the listed work, write down the items to be taken over with a mind map
  • Organize your mind map and itemize it into about one A4 sheet.
  • Supplement: Next time, I would like to write illustrations and flows in chronological order.

Interaction with students coming for club activities

I played tennis with the students of the soft tennis club, played basketball with the students of the basketball club, and played the classical guitar next to the students of the brass band club. I felt that being in the same place was a natural and irreplaceable time. I received an illustration from one student today as well. I was surprised that she could draw so well using a tablet. When a child becomes a junior high school student, his/her skills would be the same as or higher than that of adults. Also, I went to the last practice game in the volleyball club that I was in charge of. Tomorrow will be the last practice. I feel lonely.





『スムーズに着任できる! 教師のための「異動」の技術』を読んで引き継ぎ資料の重要性を認識したため、自分の担当した校務分掌、学年文章、教科、部活動についての引き継ぎ資料を作成しました。それぞれA4で1枚ほどにまとめてみると、自分の仕事が整理された気がして、案外これはもっと早く(毎年年度終わりくらいに)やっておけばよかったんじゃないかとも感じました。次に自分の代わりに勤務される方が、少しでもスムーズに着任できればと思います。明日ももう少し作業をして、職員会議用の資料の作成までをしておくとより丁寧かなと感じています。









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