Had Taken Online Practice Test on TOEFL

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I took online practice test on Sunday. Soon the result was graded and my score was 82. I want to do better on the actual test coming this Sunday.

Online Practice Test

Online practice test is paid test and it grades too (though computer based grading). Since I have done the online Insiders Guide, I got 25% off coupon and it was about $35 to take.

It took about four hours to complete the test and within one hour ETS sent me the score on the practice test.

Fatigue and Concentration

After the reading section, more exactly from the last passage on reading, I felt very tired and lost concentration on the test. Actually I had not done the whole test for a long time and it is very understandable.

In the listening, I tried to listen to but I hear not “listen to”. It was so hard to answer the questions when I just hear and did not pay enough attention to get the point of the listening.

I felt key points on the actual test should be concentration.


The Result was 82/120. Since I want to get more than 100. I cannot say the result was satisfying. Detailed score was as following: 23 on Reading, 19 on Listening, 18 on Speaking, and 22 on Writing. Since it was computer based grading, it showed score range on Speaking and Writing sections. Thus my estimated score is 80-85.


In the speaking section, it shows the detailed analysis on how to grade. According to the data, my fluency was quite low. I think it was partly because I speak slowly and think at the same time to make my speech more logical. It may be heard like an excuse but I felt I should speak more than think how to make it reasonable.

Happily, my English speaking rhythm was good and vowel was so-so. I want to practice accurate pronunciation after taking the actual test.

Writing section, I did not proofread again and I felt my writing structure was not so good enough. Still the result was “Good” and “Fair”. I feel I somehow acquired the basic framework on TOEFL writing. I always wish, however, I could write more freely like I write in Japanese.

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