What I want to say but can’t say in English

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Photo by 祝 鹤槐 on Pexels.com

I took the IELTS speaking practice test and was asked whether music education should be part of the curriculum in early childhood education or junior high school. I had many things I wanted to say because it is close to my major, but when it came to improvising in English, I was not able to say as much as I thought I could.

For example, I had to say

Music education in kindergarten not only improves instrumental performance skills, but also contributes to the development of fine motor skills, the cognitive ability to listen to and match other sounds when playing in an ensemble, and the ability to cooperate with friends.

One of the benefits of instrumental music instruction for middle school and adolescent children is that it can help them establish new ways of expressing themselves. I feel that for some children, it can be psychologically difficult to communicate with themselves and others through words, as they are in an impressionable period. Although playing a musical instrument is different from language, I feel that music is one of the ways to express feelings that have been bottled up inside of them. Of course, I expect the same improvements in physical and cognitive abilities that can be expected from learning instrumental music in early childhood.”

I would like to develop the ability to use English so that I can express what I want to say in Japanese directly into English.







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