Difference between Knowing and Not Knowing

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Power of Knowing

I wrote a post about moving to an apartment last day (see the post below).

Unfortunately, however, I found that I paid about 100,000 yen, which I do not necessarily have to pay. I learned how little I know about finance and law in Japan. To readers who want to live in Japan at a reasonable price, I would love to share what I learn.

Important Videos

There are so many Youtube videos to watch in order to learn practical finance in Japan. One of the best channels is 両学長 リベラルアーツ大学. I accidentally watched a video below because it was recommended. I was so shocked that I learned how much money I paid, which I do not have to pay. I have already paid and the money will never come back, but I hope no one will pay that money like me anymore, especially those who do not accustom to the Japanese system. Only you have to do is to watch the video below.

Practical Solutions

Watching the video is more than enough but some readers do not understand enough due to its language, and I made a checklist following the video.
1. Get several quotes from different companies.
This is critically important. There should be several brokers to show offers of the same rooms. By getting several quotes, you can compare the price.
2. Sending emails to contact the agencies.
You can get the written record when you contact them by mails. Also, if you do not understand spoken/written Japanese quickly, you can use translators.
3. Do not pay the money on the very day you see inside the room.
In many cases, brokers wants you to sign documents and pay some amount of money as soon as possible. To compare several quotes, however, you need time to consider. Even for Japanese people saying no is not so easy, but you should say “I need some time to see if I understand correctly, and I want to consider more.” Do not hesitate.


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