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I changed my audiobook app from to, mainly to listen to audiobooks in English. The first audiobook I chose was “Controversial Japan”

“Controversial Japan”

Controversial Japan is on audible but rather radio. It provides several topics about Japan and its unique controversial issues, such as gender and gaijin (foreigner) culture. It has seven episodes (so far) and am very interesting listening to them.

I have listened to two of them now and it may a bit stereotyped or biased but right in some respect.

Controversial Japan
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Whether Japanese tends not to say their opinion

The last episode was “No Need for Questions,” which is Whether Japanese tends not to say their opinion. Many case were mentioned and I liked two perspectives; society oriented and getting used.

I do agree with the idea that Japanese culture is more society/group oriented than individuals. I often feel “we” power and decide not to do what I want. It is like a social pressure, like others still work and I feel hesitated leaving school earlier especially when my boss/coworkers are working.

I remember I have found several “strange” points when I change my circumstance, such as started working and moved to an elementary school. But humans have an ability to adjust. Gradually I get used to the new circumstance and do not (cannot?) feel difference.

I like a story of boiled frog. A frog ran away when it was put on boiled water. It stands, however, until it was boiled and died when it was put on a water and the water is warming up. It shows all livings adjust the circumstances. Sometimes I see myself like a boiled frog, being numb not feeling uncomfortable.

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