The Result on TOEFL iBT

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I got the result on TOEFL iBT test on February 20th.


I got 88 on the test. More precisely, I got 24 on Reading, 23 on Listening, 19 on Speaking and 22 on Writing. It was my best score but honestly I wanted to get higher.


When I done the test, I could see the scores on Reading and Listening, and excited if I could have gotten more than 95. So in that sense, I was discouraged with the result.

Since I sometimes talk with my English speaking friends, I thought my speaking should be more stronger, but apparently no, according to the result on this exam and the prep test. I think I can practice it to record videos on Youtube. I hope this practice will help me with learning Japanese geography to be a tour guide as well.


The issue is that there is a gap between what I thought and where I am actually at. I wish I could get more than 100 but though I preformed good enough, my score did not reach the goal. I have to see the reality and should change or start something new. I will think about it.

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