New Apartment



I moved to the new apartment on August 1st. I’d love to try minimal life there. After I got the keys at the real estate agency, I bought some furniture. So far, I bought a microwave, a pair of a desk and a chair, and curtain.

At many apartments, there should be no furniture and you have to buy them. There are several ways to buy, and I got the microwave from a second-hand house with 5000 yen. For all furniture I bought today, I paid about 10,000 yen.


This is the only room of the apartment. It is 6.5-tatami mat size (about 10 square meters big). It is not so big, but since I will try not to put much furniture, the size is big enough.

There are a bathroom and a toilet. You may find cheaper options if you do not mind “unit bath,” a toilet and a bathroom in a same room.

There is some closets to put things. The photo above is a shoe shelf.

I did not know this beforehand, but there is an underfloor storage. Though tt is not a refrigerator, I think I can keep food here.

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