Summer Vacation at a Japanese School

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Summer vacation is about to come. This will be the first summer vacation for me at an elementary school. Since children do not come to school, I will be able to take more day-offs. I am excited to think about what to learn during the vacation. I am looking forward to finding the difference in the vacation between junior high schools and elementary schools
Here, I am going to write what teachers do at a junior high school where I spend three years. It was much busier, mostly because of club activities.

Club Activities (Extracurricular Activities)

Summer vacation is the best time for students to focus on club activities. They usually engage in an activity they choose half day 5 days a week. Teachers have to be at the school, teach and encourage them while students practice. It is great to work to have time with students and to seek the same goal, but surely it takes time. I made a week off of the practice and it was my vacation last three successive years.


Teachers have pieces of training to improve their teaching techniques. Since my teaching subject was English, I have training every year. Now English education in Japan is changing and it is required to teach English in English. To achieve it, we had to take training to improve both our language skills and teaching skills.

Student-Parent Meeting

For about five days, we have student-parent meetings. In Japan, a meeting with a student, the teacher, and his/her parent(s) is often held several times a year. It takes about 4-5days.

Preparation for the New School Term

Of course, teachers should prepare for the coming new term. I made teaching materials and planned school events and so on.

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