Not Selected as Google Certified Trainer

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I got an email today that informed I am not selected as Google Certified Trainer. Apparently I will get individual feedback later and I am going to re-apply it.

Making Videos

The most challenging thing for me is to make a three minute video for Google Certified Trainer. I am not familiar with making videos (even now) and I had few experiences to make ones when I apply for the program last time.

It should be critically important that the quality of the video is. I will take video again when I get the feedback.


As I mentioned above, I am supposed to get individual feedback later for the reason why I am rejected. I think it must be the quality of the video, but I would love to know the places for improvement. It is very thoughtful that the test takers can get feedback to make things better.


It is possible to re-apply for the program and it is written in the email too. I might have less time in April but I would love to re-apply.

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