Golden Week

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Golden Week

In Japan, there are five successive holidays in a row at the beginning of May, called Golden Week. Japanese people tend to work a lot, and sometimes it is not so easy to take a break, but there are many national holidays. Ironically it might show that Japanese people keep working unless there are national holidays. Anyways, though COVID-19 prevented people to go out, we did have Golden Week holidays.

What I have done

I enjoyed these holidays and this is what I have done list below:
Took Google for Education Certified Educator Level 1
Made an Excel file to make a weekly school plan and a classroom new letter altogether
Went hiking with the new ALT of the school
Visited the previous school to give some gift for the Sports Day
Read six books about working hacks as a teacher
Practiced the classical guitar


I did not do a lot on the first two days but I finished several things I wanted in the last three days. The difference was lead because I made appointments with people, made a plan, and limited time before I working. I am going to apply these tips from now o

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