Fifth Graders

two books beside two chalks Elementary School/小学校
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This year, I teach fifth graders, including English at an elementary school.

English Textbook

In my school district, we use New Horizon Elementary. I thought teachers have to prepare many materials to conduct lessons but now textbook company offers bunch of teaching materials. They even show good ways to make lessons.

NEW HORIZON Elementary English Course | 6年度用小学校教科書のご紹介 | 東京書籍
東京書籍が発行する、6年度用小学校教科書「NEW HORIZON Elementary English Course」についてのご紹介ページです。実際の紙面の説明や、検討の観点と内容の特色などを動画やデジタルブック等でご覧頂けます。

Small Talk

I would love to have students enjoy talking in English. One well-known teaching practice here is small talk. This year, I want to focus on Small talk and effective feedback.

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