Which is Better, Online Lesson or Traditional Lesson

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I have done weekly online lesson now.  Looking at Twitter, it seems many classic guitar lovers take lessons themselves or traditional ones, so I decided to write about pros and cons of online classical guitar lessons, compared with traditional ones.  I have been taking both online lessons and traditional lessons from different teachers.  I can tell the difference from my experience.

In short, online lessons are much better than I expected.  Though if possible, most likely, traditional lessons are much better in current technology.  I hope it gets more popular so that more people have opportunities to learn how to play the classical guitar.

Online Lesson

I had not thought about taking online lessons if my senior friend offered me to take his lessons.  Actually, it is much better and works, though sometimes it was some inconvenience.


It is a crucial point.  We do not have to go to a school.  Only we have to do is prepare everything and turn on the computer.  Though it is more preferable if we have a good microphone or a camera, still we can learn only with a smartphone.  If it takes 30 minutes to go to the school, we can practice one more hour on the day.  Not always there is a classical guitar school near your place, and online lessons still offer us to learn how to play the classical guitar.

More Varieties of Teachers

Many guitar schools now have options to take lessons online.  It means we can choose teachers from all over the world.  Even in Japan, some classical guitarists have their own YouTube channel and publish their lesson videos.  If we like their videos, it is possible to take their lessons.  My teacher is my senior friend, but I often watch videos of some classical guitarists.  Especially, I like videos of Sakai Guitar School.


Most of time, it is more difficult to share music sheets.  I often try to show difficult phrases, but showing ones via Web camera is not so easy.  If the teacher and I were in person, such difficulty never happens.  Actually, sometimes sharing screen works better than being in the same place, still traditional lessons wins this point.

Showing but no Physical Instruction

Of course teachers show how to play better, but they are never be able to “touch” you to teach how to play.  We have to rely on visual and verbal instruction.  It makes difficult to learn especially for young children, I guess.  Also, due to delay, it is not easy to play simultaneously.
















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