My History of Classical Guitar 2

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Restart Playing the Classical Guitar

Due to COVID-19, I had more time to stay home last year.  Though I had to go to school to work every day, many stores were closed and I could not go to the gym to work out for about a month.  Thus, I read books and started playing the guitar again.  Actually, I did not like reading music sheet though I was a member of the classical guitar club.  I hadn’t read it since I was a child and I had to struggle with reading it.  It annoyed me and I avoid reading it and almost gave up. 

I had two books for sight reading for classical guitar.  I didn’t think I can start practicing it without teachers help, and I looked for a classical guitar school.  By googling, I found a really nice one near my school.  The school allows me to go from 9am to 10pm from Monday to Sunday.  It means whenever I can go.  So flexible.  I decided to go there and talked with one senior friend of mine.  He recommended me to text another senior friend of mine who studies the classical guitar in Finland.  I hadn’t talked with him for a long time, but I said I was going to play the guitar again.  At that time, he offered me online guitar lessons.  I was suspicious at first if online lessons worked and if I have enough time to play the guitar that much.  I also think learning online should be a good experience and I should start doing first before picking up reasons I do not do.  My second history of classical guitar has started in June 2020. 

Improvement and Current Material

Now I take online guitar lessons every week and physical lessons every two week.  I feel I got a better player than I used to be when I was in the university.  I think I can get much better.  Especially, reading skill of music sheet and understanding music theory improved.  Furthermore, I feel happy that there are more difficulties or unknown things and it means I can learn more and more.

I play Sor Op.60 for the online lessons and Sight Reading for the Classical Guitar for the physical lessons.  There will be annual concert for the physical guitar school and I practice “Asturias” for the concert as well.  Playing the guitar is so much fun.









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