Sight Reading for the Classical Guitar Level 1 to 3

brown acoustic guitar on floor near wall insider room Classical Guitar/クラシックギター
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At the local classical guitar school where I go every two weeks, I use the textbook, “Sight Reading for the Classical Guitar Level 1 to 3.”  It is a memorable day today because I had done this book.

I found this book when I stayed in the US in 2013 as a language school student.  I wanted to keep practicing the guitar while I was in the US and I found it on Amazon.  I thought it was a great book because I am not good at sight reading at that time.  (Well even now I am not that good at it though.)  Actually, it is very elementary level but I did not like reading music sheets and I didn’t practice with the book for a long time. 

Last July, however, when I decided to go to the local guitar school, I thought I could use this book with the teacher, for the school is really flexible and I can choose whatever textbooks I want to use.  I asked if I could use it and he said this was a good book and he’d buy it too.  Over 7 years, finally I started practicing with this book.

In the 30-minute lesson, I practice very short and simple songs with the teacher.  At first, I felt difficulty with reading music notes.  Gradually I got used to it and then it was hard to make phrase and play with correct rhythm.  Chords are also very challenging.  At the end of this book, I feel less uncomfortable reading music sheets, but high position, complicated rhythm and difficult chords are still very challenging.  No worries, it has level 4 and 5!  I will keep going..