Sor Op.60 No.2

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This is the second number of Sor Op.60.


I personally want to upload my “perfect” playing but I am not good enough to take that one.  So, I decided to take only several times and post it.  Hopefully, I eventually get better and play and upload “perfect” ones someday.  I hope you follow me and see my improvement.  

I feel a bit nervous when I play songs to “upload my playing,” I made more mistakes than usual.  Also, I myself find some weird points when I listen to the recording.  For example, I found it got slower in phrases I am not confident enough or I lost where to see in the music sheet.  Those are room for me to improve.

Difficulties of Writing Unfamiliar Topic

I have been writing in English and actually I had written my diary in English when I was in the US.  Though it is not easy as I write in Japanese, I can write almost everything as long as the topic is familiar to me.  For example, I can write about Language education and language learning, but today I tried to write about components of Op.60 No.2.  It is very difficult.  I feel how poorly I can express or describe what I want to.  As practice, I leave my writing about it below, but I know it is not “natural” English.

Op.60 No.2

This song consists of mainly one voice in 3 beats in G major.  Some phrases have # and these places we should play it clearer so that listeners can find the sound. 

This etude is a three-beat song in G major, mainly composed of monophony. There are # here and there, and I tried to emphasize them so that I could convey a sense of discomfort. For classical guitar, you can increase the note value, change the volume, or change the sound as a method of emphasis. It is also important to make the melody line sing firmly, to feel the time signature, and to be aware of the pulse. In the middle of the song, there is a part where the dominant sound in G major is used. In the chromatic scale, I practiced so that I could express the tension of wanting to go to the next note.







Op.60 No.2



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