Got a Secondhand Acoustic Guitar

Classical Guitar/クラシックギター

There is a recycle center near my house and every month a monthly sale is held. I got a second hand acoustic guitar in 3000 yen.

Electric Acoustic Guitar

I have played the classical guitar for private and for music classes at school. But when I play it in the class, the volume is not enough. I wanted to have an acoustic guitar which can be connected with amplifier.

There is the guitar in the sale at the recycle center. I wanted to get it but I had to wish my luck because I had to win the lottery against it. I did not see how many people exactly applied for the lottery but there were 20 people when I check last time.

Thanks to God, I won it. This is the guitar.

I did not expect a guitar case was attached with it.

It is Takamine Guitar, and assumedly it cost about 100,000 yen originally.


The sound of acoustic guitars is totally different from that of classical guitars. Since the strings are made of steel, its sounds more metallic. It is more similar sound with the one, we imagine as “guitar” and I feel excited.

Since the neck is thinner and string is harder, I have not got used to playing it.


There are several buttons one its body. I think I can tune its sound when I use an amplifier. I have never tried that kind of function and willing to try how it works.

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