First PCR test

healthcare person doing a pcr test on bearded man English
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From around Thursday, the temperature went down dramatically, and it gets severely cold in the morning and evening. I don’t sleep at night with the air conditioner on, and it seemed the cold was unbearable and gave me a sore throat on Friday night.

Covid-19 is a very important issue at school, so once we test positive, we won’t be able to go to work for about a week. The closing ceremony will be on the 23rd, so if by any chance we test positive on PCR, we won’t be able to see our children in this semester.

I was very worried, but I thought I needed proof that I was healthy, so I took a PCR test on Saturday. The doctor put a cotton swab into the nose to collect mucus, like a flu test.

I got the results in about 10 minutes and luckily it was negative. Now I can go to school safely. I wanted to get in good physical condition on the weekend and do my best from Monday.

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