Struggling between “I understand” and “I think I understand”

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When I study for TOEFL, I often struggle with the gap between “I understand” and “I think I understand”. From where and why do I fall into this hole??

I understand

I understand is the situation, I really understand. If I do so, I can tell others how to do that and explain why do I choose the answer. It is real understanding and I do not make mistakes even I have to answer similar but different question types.

I think I understand

Unfortunately, however, I easily fall into a deep hole of “I think I understand.” It is I do not choose the correct answers but I have no idea why I am wrong and I cannot find how to deal with the similar question type. It is really stressful to face to this hardship. But this is always. There is no way to escape from this hole. In that sense, I cannot “jump” them and I have to climb the hole after I had fallen down. I wish I could be more stronger. I often felt I am doing great and it might be enough. That is the very moment I should do more.

Solution: My Personal Judging Scale

I always struggle with the gap. Sometimes in reading or in listening and sometimes in speaking and in writing.

I personally feel “fit well all together” when I really understand. To close to the sense of feeling, I know I should do; divide difficulties and overcome one by one.

It is a great practice to explain others or summarize. In bigger concept, Output is the process I need. As many books on self-empowerment and improving productivity write, output is critically important to understand things. It does not so big matter of the variety of the output.

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