Desire on Smoothly translating the process between “Today was good” into English.

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When I think of writing a blog like a diary, I feel that if I put what happened today into English, it will enhance the content of what I write or speak.

To give you an idea, in response to “How was your day?”, I would not just end with “It was good.” I would add specifics about what was good, what it was about, how I felt, and so on.

I feel that this is a similar process to the Japanese compositions and impressions that teachers require children to write. In that sense, I feel as if I am reliving the feelings of children who are feeling but unable to put them into words or find them troublesome.

In Japanese schools, as a barrier-free experience, students sometimes try walking around the school wearing an eye mask. This is to learn through experience how inconvenient it is and what kind of support is needed when the “sight” that can be used freely in daily life is no longer available.

I also felt that expressing oneself in a foreign language without using one’s native language is a similar experience. The world becomes brighter the more you polish it, though, and the charm of a foreign language is that you can see improvements through personal efforts.



イメージでいうと、「How was your day?」に対して、「It was good.」だけで終わらず、何が良かったのか、それがどのような内容か、自分がどう感じたのか、などを具体的に加えていく感じです。




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