See? Watch? Look? for Cherry Blossoms 

selective focus photography of cherry blossoms English
Photo by sl wong on

I was talking with a colleague of mine about English lessons, and the topic came up of what is the appropriate verb for “to see cherry blossoms”. I had gone to see cherry blossoms with foreign students myself, and I remember using the English phrase “see the cherry blossoms,” but I was not sure what verb would be the most appropriate.

I have heard that in general, watch is used to describe something that moves, look is used to pay attention to something, and see is used to gaze at something. In fact, when I looked it up in dictionaries and websites, it seems that “see” is often used. Some personal blogs say that “view” is correct, and I felt that the information on the Internet is a mixture of wheat and chaff.

I would like to be able to use appropriate expressions in such situations.

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