“Saunar/Sauner”, a sauna lover in Japan

an empty wooden sauna English
Photo by Max Vakhtbovych on Pexels.com

More people in Japan love taking a sauna to relax.  I have heard the term “saunar/sauner” to describe a sauna lover here. I guess the word comes from the English suffix “-er”.  This is a catchy word and some people see themselves “saunar/sauner” I am wondering if the word gets more popular and will be used worldwide.  Given the fact that the sauna is originally from Finland, it may not be though.

I often go to sauna actually, but I do not see myself as “saunar/sauner”.  Honestly, I do not want to use the new term because it sounds a little “strange” to me.  It may be because the suffix “-er” in English useally to used with verbs. In Wiktionary, it can become “one who enjoys.”

(informal, added to a noun) One who enjoys.
Tooners lined up for tickets to Toy Story.

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