6th Grade Farewell in Japan

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What is 6th Grade Farewell?

“6th Grade Farewell” is a common event held in elementary schools to celebrate the graduation of the 6th grade students.


The “6th Grade Farewell” is a special event that typically takes place at the end of the school year in elementary schools. It’s a way to celebrate the graduation of the 6th grade students, who are moving on to middle school.

The event usually involves a ceremony, where the 6th graders are recognized and celebrated for their accomplishments during their time in elementary school. There may be speeches, awards, and other special activities, such as a slideshow of photos from the past year or a musical performance.

Parents, teachers, and other students may also participate in the event to show their support for the graduating class. It’s a bittersweet moment for everyone involved, as it marks the end of an era and the beginning of a new chapter in the students’ lives.

Overall, the “6th Grade Farewell” is a special occasion that honors the hard work and achievements of the graduating class and provides a memorable send-off as they transition to the next stage of their education.

For Teachers

Yes, preparing for the 6th Grade Farewell is a significant undertaking for teachers. Events of this nature require school faculty and staff to invest time and energy in planning, organizing, and executing the event.

Specifically, teachers must arrange the date and venue of the ceremony, create speeches and presentations, decide on awards and honors, practice music and artistic performances, or prepare printed materials, among other things.

Furthermore, teachers are expected to reflect on the growth and learning journey of the 6th graders before they move on to middle school and provide an opportunity to express gratitude.

Therefore, preparing for the 6th Grade Farewell is a demanding task that requires a significant amount of effort and time. However, this event can create lasting memories for students and is an essential opportunity to celebrate their growth and send them off to middle school on a positive note.


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