New Year’s Resolutions in 2023

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I have not been posting this blog awhile and it has already turned to 2023. As other years, I made new year’s resolutions.

Reflections in 2022

I made up my mind in 2022 for new year’s resolution as having a year of 「整」(Put it in order), including everything in life such as time, things and life objects.  I wanted to make my life simpler so that I could focus on what I really wanted to do in the long-term.

In short, it did not fully work out. Mostly because, my life changed more than I expected and 2022 was a year of returning to the academic field and expanding relationships with classical guitar communities. In total, I had three presentations at conferences and had written three academic papers in an academic term. In the classical guitar community, I attended two guitar competitions, won grants to invite professional guitarists at school and had five successive workshops at a community center.  I was overwhelmed with the work I decided to do. 

I did more things than I thought and I did not have enough time to reflect each day to “put it in order.” Also, I did not feel satisfied with qualification trials. I took four tests; interpretation guide, domestic travel organizer, IELTS and Google Certified Trainer/Innovator. Neither of them I made successfully. I did not routinely cook either.

Rearranging daily routine is an issue to consider. Since September, I guess, it is gradually getting difficult for me to wake up early and to have time for my goal.

For 2023 coming year

Reflecting on 2022, I would like to make 2023 a year of “Challenge”. I still need to “Put it in order,” but I am craving to challenge “one” in a few years, hopefully from 2024.  To reach the goal, first I need to improve my English. I am going to keep working on the academic field too.

To reach the goal, I decided to get more “immersed” in English. As trials, I write posts here in English mainly and enroll in a subscriptive English magazine-service. To make time to focus on it, I will wake up at 5:30 each day.

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