Readers and Resolution Enhancement 

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I still remember the emotion the first time I felt when I started writing this blog.  It was how little I could express my thoughts even in Japanese.  Roughly, I believe, it took half a year to be able to “okay” to write here in Japanese for me though I write something almost every day.

Now I restarted writing articles mainly in English for two reasons; first I have some friends reading my blog in English and second more readers potentially reach out to my blog if I keep writing in English.  There are about 120 million people in Japan and more people could read my blog if I write in Japanese, but there must be 10 times more people potentially coming here in English.  

Plus, I hope daily writing in a second language routine will help me build up my writing skill too.  As I wrote above it took not so short time to get used to writing and I felt my writing “resolution” enhanced as time went by.  Hopefully similar case happens to my English too.

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