February 11, 2022 Lesson Review

brown acoustic guitar on floor near wall insider room Classical Guitar/クラシックギター
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Here is a recap of a lesson that I have not been putting on lately. I am practicing Giuliani’s Sonata No. 1 and Rondo Allegretto for the Sanin Guitar Competition.

Practicing the difficult parts

The part of the phrase that comes up often in the beginning is done multiple times in daily practice, so I have gotten comfortable enough with my fingers to play it comfortably. On the other hand, the middle and end of the song, where I am still unfamiliar with the modulated phrases, I feel fragile due to lack of practice. In future practice, it is important to focus on areas of weakness and to play at a constant tempo with a metronome.

Connecting tonal differences to expression

In order to create differences in tone color, it is effective not only to change the position of the right hand, but also to change the angle of the fingernail application. In my case, I have not been able to change the angle of the fingernail as much as I would like (at least not to the extent that the difference in tone quality is noticeable to the listener), so I need to practice by recording and listening carefully to my own sounds.

Decide the length of notes with intention

If the length of notes are different in similar phrases, the music will not sound well-rounded. If I decide to play a place in staccato, I should play it in staccato. Also, when mute, it should be done with the right hand, not the left hand. Incidentally, just trying to mute with the right hand will bomb out difficulties on a song if you are not used to mute.

Use the large muscles of your arms to make the instrument sound like rasgueart

The basis of classical guitar playing is with the fingers, but playing with the larger muscles of the arms (and in some cases, even the shoulders) can make a big difference in the sound of the instrument. This is related to the difference in tone color, but it is also a playing technique that can greatly improve expressiveness.

Listen to a lot of Giuliani’s music

By listening to a lot of Giuliani’s music, you will create a “Giuliani image” in your mind. By creating this image, you will have a richer image of how you would like to play, which will lead to a richer expression in your playing.

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