What I got confused in a different school

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It’s been about a week since I was transferred. I will write some things that I am currently confused about and make a plan for future improvement. Many people should be confused by the same things and it will be helpful for them as well. This time, I list five things: things, division of school affairs, timetable, daily flow, and child development stage.

Also, I do not list human relationships or the handling of personal information. I ask other teachers a lot about what I don’t know yet. 

・ Place to put things

Compared to the predecessor school, the new school is larger and the space for putting things in the staff room is much smaller. It seems that the other teachers have what they need in their classroom. I felt that it was a big difference from my predecessor school. Currently, I have a classroom for a limited time, but if you are a subject teacher of an elementary school, there might be no place to put things. I feel that it may be a good opportunity to bring things as little as possible.

There was also a difference in school equipment and goods, such as having to purchase what was given free of charge at the predecessor school.

・ Division of school affairs

The division of school affairs should be different. Even if the division of duties has the same name, the work content may be different. If possible, ask your predecessor to take over, and if it is difficult, ask teachers who have been in school for a long time to make sure that your work is complete. In my case, the foreign language chief was in charge of ALT. (In the predecessor school, it was work for international understanding.)

・ Timetable / Weekly plan

I feel that the way the timetable is set up is quite different between elementary school and junior high school. I think it comes from the difference between the homeroom teacher system and the subject teacher system, but in elementary school, each homeroom teacher creates a timetable for each classroom. In addition, the timetable for the following week will be individually handed over to the classroom teachers of a special need. I hope that this clerical work can be streamlined using a computer. I have a hard time writing a weekly plan because I haven’t been able to work with seeing the perspective of the following week.

・ Daily flow/outlook

The flow of the day and the movements of children and teachers are slightly different. For example, whether there is a break between the morning meeting and the first hour, cleaning time, school lunch flow, etc. It was explained at the staff meeting, but when I actually tried it, I was confused. It is even more confusing when trying to instruct the children in the class not to be in trouble. I felt that things would go smoothly if the teachers were calm and could give accurate instructions to children on the flow.

・ Child developmental stage

I have a lot of opportunities to get involved with children in the second grade of current elementary school. Last year, I was in charge of the second year of junior high school, so I’m confused by the difference in the developmental stages. For example, when I want children to listen to me, I would say “Please listen to me.” and they answer “Yes, please.” According to the stage of development. It’s like learning a foreign language. One of my strengths is that I have a goal image for the third year of junior high school, so I can think of words for that purpose.

















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