The End of a School Year

two books beside two chalks Elementary School/小学校
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School year in 2021 was over. It was the last day of my 2nd graders class on March 25th.

First year at an elementary school

My first year at an elementary school was unpredictable but exciting. I got a homeroom teacher of 2nd graders and had a meaningful time with them. I enjoyed them growing and learning. They got acquired new things even within a year. They eat, play and learn. I thought as if I am seeing peoples’ nature, loving learning and playing.


On weekends, I did not have club activities. I did not used to the habit awhile. I had plenty of time myself compared with when I worked at a junior high school. I went to a library more often and studied more for myself. I believe it was a best time to try writing articles here.

I wanted to learn a lot, as I do not want to be beaten by my 2nd graders growing. At a result, I got many certifications this school year. Now I am thinking to make things deeper, conducting practitioner research.


Diving into a new environment, we need to adjust and know new things. My days was successive learning new things. I had to teach all subjects and I had to prepare all of them. There are many differences from junior high and elementary. It was a nice experience to moving in a new place and learning its culture.

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