Why I started studying a foreign language?

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I was transferred and am often asked about myself by other teachers. Especially when I move to an elementary school from a junior high school like myself, I am often asked why I can speak English and other foreign languages.


I started studying English in school classes when I was in he first year of junior high school. Though I was in elementary school, I had an English class for international understanding once a week at school and went to a simple English conversation school few times a month, but I started learning English after I became a junior high school student like a general Japanese. After that, I studied in Japan until I graduated from high school. When I was in the second year of college, I studied abroad at an English conversation school in the United States. That was an opportunity to greatly improve my English proficiency. I want to talk to more people around me. That motivated me to study abroad as an exchange student for the graduate school TESOL course and to obtain Eiken Level 1.


When I was at an English conversation school in the United States, I made friends with immigrant friends from Mexico. Just before returning to Japan, I was invited to the friend’s house as a farewell party. Seeing the friend having conversations with his family in Spanish, I wanted to join the conversations. That’s why I started studying Spanish at Duolingo. By the way, I once took a Spanish proficiency test in Japan, but it failed brilliantly. .. .. I understand the word, but I still don’t understand the grammatical case inflection. I want to try someday.


I started studying Spanish and I wanted to go to a Spanish-speaking country. The university I attended had an exchange program in Spain, so I continued to study to join the course. Unfortunately, due to the budget of the university, the exchange program for that year was canceled, so I decided to go to another place to study abroad. At that time, I happened to find a flyer looking for applicants for a winter course in the city of Tomsk, Russia. It was very cold in Siberia in winter, but I made a lot of local friends here as well, and it was an opportunity to continue studying after that.


When I was in college, my parents stayed in China and my father worked as a part-time lecturer at a college. My parents have many Chinese friends. That was the reason…? To be honest, I don’t know for myself, but I started somehow. It seems that there are Chinese-speaking children in the school where I work, so I would like to continue studying.


I did not study Korean because I didn’t understand Hangul at all. However, it seems that there are some children who speak Korean at the school I moved to this time, so I started studying. I’m looking forward to it because I have heard that the grammar and pronunciation are similar to Japanese.