No. 1 in the Duo Ringo Diamond League


Free Foreign Language Learning Site

I study foreign languages ​​every day at Duolingo. I first found Duolingo when I was in the United States in 2013, and I knew I could study Spanish for free and started using it. Even after returning from the United States, I used it to study Spanish via English. After I went to Russia in 2014, it started offering a Russian version, so I remember studying Russian while taking university classes. Now I’m starting to study Chinese and Korean to talk with pupils.

Various Foreign Languages

As mentioned above, Duolingo’s great attraction is that you can study various foreign languages ​​for free. If I was left to teach English in the previous junior high school, I was thinking of using it. If you master one language course completely, you will be able to reach the A2 rank of the CEFR standard, so I think it is one of the best ways to start learning a foreign language.

Easy-to-Continue Mechanism

I restarted Duolingo last year in 2020, and it was updated more and more while I wasn’t using it. In particular, the creation of a system that makes it easier to continue studying has been strengthened. You will receive notifications and emails if you forget to study, you will be notified of the learning status of the week, and league games have been held. I think it’s great that you can continue as if you were playing a game. By the way, there is also a function called Classroom for teachers.

League match, 10 leagues

There are 10 leagues, and each league has 30 to 50 users. In the weekly league match, the top 5 to 10 players will be promoted to the upper league, and conversely, the bottom 5 players will be demoted to the lower league. The highest league among them is the Diamond League. What happens when you reach first place in the Diamond League? I’ve been curious about it for a long time, but there are many heavy users in the league, and I have never been able to reach first place. I’ve seen articles about being inducted into the Hall of Fame and being excluded from the league when we get in the first place, so I’ve always been curious about what happens.

First place

I started studying Korean and Chinese, and the contents such as Hangul became a little easier because it is very elementary. Thanks to that, I have less time to tackle each problem, and for the first time, I became number one in the Diamond League! And what happened … I got a lot of points and the week in the Diamond League started again! I’m a little disappointed, I’m still happy to be in the league …














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