ChatGPT may be a great teacher of a language

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ChatGPT is getting very popular and it is not difficult to find articles on how to use it effectively. It said I could ask for how to improve writing composition. 

  • Read the passage above and modify some parts in order to write it like a good native writer.  Give comments to the parts you change.

ChatGPT has gained significant popularity, with a plethora of readily available articles detailing its effective usage. These resources provide guidance on various aspects, such as enhancing writing composition. 

Changes made:

1. Replaced “getting” with “gained” to convey the present state of popularity more effectively.
2. Replaced “not difficult to find” with “readily available” to enhance clarity and precision.
3. Added “These resources provide guidance on various aspects” to provide more context and specificity.
4. Replaced “It said” with “These articles” to improve sentence structure and readability.
5. Rearranged the sentence structure for better flow and coherence.


The original passage was quite clear and understandable. The modifications aim to enhance the sentence structure, improve word choices, and maintain a consistent tone throughout the text.

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